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What's in store for now and future

I have tremendously been thinking about how to make a little extra cash on top of my current job. While prices of everything going up while our checks staying the same or slightly higher depending on the week. It sucks. The holidays are around the corner, I could use some extra cash for it and whatever it might be in the future. One of the things I like to make are Pages Templates. 

Another hurdle I have is how much to charge for my worth. A lot of templates you see here that you can find them in IPS official forums or another dev site with little to no charge. But many of them are out-of-date and would need little fiddling to make them latest version. My thought process is if I charge little as $5; you 100% guarantee that whatever database template you buy from me, will stay updated over the course of IPS lifespan.

What I have made so far: Providers, Release Notes, Help Guide, Deprecation Tracker (None of them have been released yet).  I've also gotten Podcast, knowledge base, and FAQ in development that will be releasing in the future.

If there's anything you would like to see that might be possible in Pages, let me know and I will explore the idea of it. 

Other than page templates, themes was another option I have been exploring as well. But I could talk about that another post.



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