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    News Templates

    News Templates is a set of Pages templates. An almost 1:1 ratio but not entirely on the design of IPS news site but with some changes to feel differently. 
    What's included: 
    page_templates.xml (Listing, Display, Articles, and Form templates all-in-one) CSS stylesheet Installation
    Upload page_templates.xml to Pages > Page Management > Templates > upload templates (top right) > insert pages_templates provided inside News templates folder. While we're inside Pages > Page Management > Templates > new (bottom left) > create css file. Copy and Paste everything that was in css file from the News template folder. We want to edit our database settings Pages > Content > Database > Database name (whichever your database called > pencil (edit). Lets assign our templates  Database Index: Show records like articles Article template: News Article Listing template group: News Article Listing Display Template group: News Article Display Add/Edit Form template: News Form Edit our actual page Pages > Page Management > Pages > whatever page your database assigned it > edit page in order for our CSS to appear on the page. Page Includes > assign your css file Save and view page. Now that we've added our page templates, head over to our help guide to see what we can customized.  Note: When upgrading the page templates, using the import templates like you are installing them for the first time. Be sure to copy certain code like your site URLs and background URLs since they will always be different when upgrading then use the new version.


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